ERM’s OBDII and CANBUS Interface for Vehicle Diagnostic solution – eData, consists of a full featured CAN Engine which is able to retrieve data and analyze it in real-time and send the analyzed information to the server. The solution is based on a programmable rule based mechanism for maximum vehicle diagnostics and monitoring.

The eData incorporates a configurable natural language-like rule based data analyzer and a powerful Histogram generator technology allowing even deeper analysis.

eData allows programming of any combination of events, resulting in a vehicle scenario alert that can be sent to the server or by SMS. Sending alerts instead of raw data, results in reducing data transmissions over cellular networks, and allowing simple and immediate information sent to the user about the supervised vehicle. Using this methodology, service providers need to invest less in sophisticated and highly expensive resource consumption on the server side as most of the analysis is done locally in the vehicle.

In addition, deeper understanding about the impact of an individual or set of parameters on the actual operational aspect of the supervised vehicle can be sent right from the eData CAN Engine to the server, to be presented as a periodically report.