eCom Technology is a specially designed, cost-effective, RF solution for the growing need to monitor, verify presence and track the where-abouts of moving objects and people, such as children on the way and at school, of employees on premises, waste pits being handled by waste trucks, assets in warehouses or lifted by lorries and many more moving-object related applications.
eCom Technology was designed to offer a better fit alternative to RFID technology.

How does it work?

The solution consists of an eCom Tag (active) and an eCom Receiver connected to a StarLink tracking device.

Using ERM’s intelligence algorithm, the eCom Tag will report its presence to the eCom Receiver based on certain conditions, such as time of the day or location.
The eCom Receiver will then report the identified tag ID to the server using the StarLink tracking device communication protocol.

There are two types of eCom Receiver:

  • Standard: a simple reader designed to report each tag captured in the vicinity of the server
  • Smart: An advanced receiver designed to host different algorithms for each niche. For example:
    • BUS – Algorithm designed to identify children/students tags on a bus. BUS will report only the tags boarded or currently on the bus and the ones that got off the bus at every station location
    • BIN – Algorithm designed to identify waste bins being handled by waste trucks