StarLink eBike is designed as the ultimate outdoor device for motorcycle applications thanks to its waterproof design and remarkably low power consumption.

StarLink eBike offers a comprehensive security protection package for your valuable motorcycle.

In addition to securing the motorcycle, StarLink eBike also ensures the cyclist’s safety: an integrated accelerometer is used to sense movements and to produce SOS alerts in case of a serious accident/impact, thus ensuring that help gets on its way as quickly as possible.

The StarLink backup battery provides long-lasting operation and protection. Easy fitting enables costless installation and maintenance-free operation. Passive security protection complies with most insurance requirements.

The StarLink eBike configuration provides the following benefits:

  • Security and tracking capabilities
  • Very low power consumption mode for long battery life
  • Hands-Free user control over the alarm system
  • Accident detection and real time alerting using a 3D accelerometer

In addition to the StarLink eBike and for users who prefer not to have a siren and remote control, ERM has developed the StarLink RoadBuddy, which uses the same technology and features as the StarLink eBike but without an alarm system and without wireless remote capabilities.