If you are an SVR (Stolen Vehicle Recovery) service provider – This solution is designed especially for you!!

Are your vehicles being hijacked / stolen using Cellular/GPS Jammers? StarLink eConnect, a specially designed tracking device equipped with an Anti-Theft solution for GSM/GPS jamming situations, is your jam-proof tracking solution!

Today, many car thieves no longer rely on forcefully removing vehicle tracking devices during the act of stealing a vehicle and have learned to bypass the location tracking capacities of standard vehicle tracking devices with readily-available and inexpensive jamming devices that interfere with the GPS/GSM radio frequency signals transmitted by vehicle tracking devices.

StarLink eConnect enables a unique anti-theft solution that counters these tactics commonly used by car thieves. StarLink eConnect is based on ERM’s powerful vehicle tracking device family “StarLink” and includes an add-on patented technology for jamming mitigation and location networking. These jamming mitigation capabilities are able to identify when the location signal of the vehicle tracking device is being interfered with by a jamming device.

StarLink eConnect is a powerful tracking device which improves stolen vehicle recovery rates with unique jamming mitigation technique and location networking capabilities.

StarLink eConnect is a registered patent: 230840

StarLink eConnect offers:

  • Low power consumption (< 3mA)
  • GSM jamming detection
  • eSNS communication
  • Memory logger for up to 10,000 events
  • Highly configurable functionality
  • Easy installation
  • FOTA (Firmware Over The Air) upgrade


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