GPS Tracker for Trailers utilizes Cellular and GPS Technology. It is designed to be utilized as a part of conjunction with cell towers and GPS satellites, all you should work this basic magnificence is a paid ahead of time SIM card. The tracker utilizes something like 32 satellite stations and cell towers for exactness inside 10 feet. It has multiple Tracking Modes – GPS Tracker for Trailers is the choice of setting your tracker to report its area as frequently as at regular intervals or any term Minute, Hour, Day – it relies on upon how regularly you need the tracker to report its exact area.

Management of GPS tracker is essential

You can likewise utilize the On Demand following component – the tracker just reports its area
When incited – to develop battery life. Fuel Tank Monitoring offer items and arrangement in view of present day GPS and GSM innovations for Vehicle and Fuel Monitoring:

  • GPS Vehicle Monitoring and GPS Tracker for Trailers
  • Fuel Monitoring (Fuel Consumption Monitoring, Fueling, Draining, Fuel History)
  • Fuel Saving, Fuel economy.
  • Road Fuel Tanker Monitoring (Loading, Uploading, Draining, Fuel History, Tracking).
  • Fuel Tank and Fuel Storage Tank Monitoring (Fueling, Draining, Fuel History).
  • Analyzing Previous Driving Behavior
  • Fuel Level Sensor for Standard and Heavy application.
  • Vehicle and Road Fuel Tanker Monitoring Equipment’s.

Benefits of Fuel Tank Monitoring

Fuel Track Monitoring is very essential for vehicles that travel long distances to keep a track of the fuel usage system and avoid breakdown of vehicles at the last moment.

  • It gives high-accuracy estimation of fuel level in tank, and gives subtle element data about fuel tank powering and depleting.
  • It averts misrepresentation, depleting and unapproved utilization of fuel.
  • Fuel Tank Monitoring and Fuel sparing framework (Fuel utilization Monitor).
  • It permits in high precision in full programmed mode altering and logging fuel level of fuel in every area (tanks) of a tanker truck that permit to have the reasonable and point by point data about fuel volume in tanks, fuel stacking and depleting.
  • The Framework permit in electronic maps shows area of fuel level changes.

Framework logs street tanker tracks, areas, stops, mileage, speed, un moving time, trip time, tanker truck genuine fuel utilization (energizing and depleting), that gives you the best control of your tanker armada and driver