GPS Fleet Management system usually consist of three elements: AVL/Tracking device based on GPS and GSM 2G/3G communication technology, mobile communication (SIM card based) and fleet management software.

The basic solution offers tracking in terms of GPS information such as location, speed, routing and direction of the vehicle/s, being periodically reported to a call center, whereas others may ask for advanced services and features that can be dynamically integrated into the solution, offers additional features like driving behavior, driver identification, route management, fuel monitoring, periodic vehicle treatment management and so.

ERM offer

ERM offers a set of modular solution and tools to assist fleet managers and fleet owners manage their day to day fleet operations:

  • Advanced tracking/telematics solution for fleet management operation
  • High quality and long life lasting hardware devices, both tracking devices and accessories, all designed and manufactured in Israel by ERM Advanced Telematics
  • Improvement in driver and vehicle safety
  • Improvement in driver productivity
  • Improvement in customer service
  • Reduce operational costs
  • Improvement of vehicle and driver security
  • Short implementation and training period
  • An open protocol with highly customization capabilities, to accommodate partner software special requirements (for integration with your software)

Using ERM’s offering for Fleet Management, our partners and customers will achieve quick return on investment due to better fleet performance, better product quality and better service while reducing operational cost.


ERM’s fleet management software – “Karma” is an EASY to use, SIMPLE to understand and FAST to implement fleet management solution, offers new way and new approach on how fleets should be managed.

The Karma is based on ERM vision of making GPS Fleet Management System an enjoyable, available, accessible and simple to use experience.

Available for partners…!


  • StarLink family of telematics and tracking devices (either 2G /3G with GPS or GPS/GNSS/GALILEO satellite system):
  • eFuel – Most advanced and simple to install and calibrate fuel adaptor, to monitor fuel level, fuel pilferage, refueling and fuel consumption
  • eSafe – highly sophisticated 3 axis 8G accelerometer with inbuilt BlackBox feature, used to increase driver’s safety and supervision and for post-accident analysis.
  • eData/eCAN – Advanced rule based CANBUS/OBD interface
  • eCut Hammer – Immobilizing system
  • Temperature sensor – for cold chain refrigerated trucks


  • Vehicle tracking – including in/out geo zone alerts, speeding alerts, location, parking, ignition on/off, routing etc
  • Ability to read battery life condition in addition to battery charge level
  • Ability to identify and receive fuel theft and refueling events, even when ignition is off(!)
  • Ability to identify dangerous maneuvers and misconduct use of the vehicle brakes such as harsh braking, hard steering, accelerating, turns, off road driving etc.
  • Ability to read information from vehicle CANBUS/OBDII interface without harming the physical CAN wires
  • Ability to receive specific events alerts consists of complex combination of parameters from CANBUS and other ERM accessories.
  • Ability to use up to 4 temperature sensors for Cold Chain fleets
  • Ability to identify drivers and enable only the approved ones to ignite and use the vehicle
  • Ability to offer voice calls into and from the vehicle, including E-Call and B-Call Support.