It’s obvious for customer preference growth in strong vehicle management services which provide instant assistance in urgent situations like stolen vehicle. Most of the vehicle owners understand the need of tracking services and stolen automobile assistance rather than remote horn start, horn and light functions. New technologies improved vehicle tracking systems, one of such finding is Telematics.

In simple lines, Telematics can be defined as an instructive technology which best uses the computer and mobile applications to develop the functionality, productivity and security of both vehicles and drivers. Vehicles tracking tools are used in fleet managing industries to keep real time track of each vehicles or to maintain the history of vehicle travels.

There are two types of vehicle tracking:

  • Passive: These simple vehicles tracking system uses GPS appliances to record and track the position of vehicle on time. The information can be transmitted to a computer for future use.
  • Active: These complex tracking systems, along with recording and tracking, these are featured to transmit the vehicle location in actual time. This means the vehicle can be monitored from any location.

Stolen vehicle is a major element of telematics solutions. The devices make use of Global positioning satellites (GPS), to pathway information of vehicle movement. GPS enable to locate the position of the vehicle as long as the signal is detectable to a satellite. In a case of stolen vehicle, report to the police and get a crime number. Then as far as possible, you can try to direct the police to the vehicle location with the help of stored device data.

These procedures can be followed if your automobile has been stolen:

  • Alert the police on time.
  • Make sure you have the record of your registration number, model and shade.
  • Try to collect the tracking data of the vehicle.
  • Having a record of your driver’s personal details like Identity Card, address, photograph etc. will be of great use.
  • With the help of Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency and provided data, police will try to recover your automobile.

In the case of vehicle theft, using connectivity recorded information will provide much guidance to where to look for fast recovery. As technology can update the devices automatically, the devices begin to transmit the information within a short period of time (as per settings of devices). So the owners can monitor their fleets on time effectively. This helps in growing security and diminishing tensions in fleet management systems.

As prevention is better than cure when it comes to protection and safety of people and their assets. This security simply means providing signals to the driver to avoid on way troubles like traffics, bad roads etc. Also, advising nearest shops, restaurants, hospitals amongst others. Alerting about vehicle health condition also plays a vital role. These on time efficient information can save time and money too.