eSafe offers a sophisticated and easily installed solution for monitoring the driving quality and safety of your drivers.

eSafe incorporates a built-in list of predefined maneuver parameters per vehicle type, such as:
— combinations of harsh maneuvers — reckless driving — accidents — lane change — harsh braking — off road driving –>
A total of 20 dangerous maneuver types in three levels!!
which all add up to quick installation, as simple as 1-2-3:

  1. Physically install eSafe in the vehicle
  2. level it to the chassis using a simple dedicated leveling process
  3. Choose the vehicle type in the software
  4. You’re on!

Using one of the StarLink Family telematics devices, like the StarLink Tracker, maneuver alerts detected by eSafe are immediately transmitted to the server, enabling alerts while conserving telecom data.
eSafe, in parallel with transmitting alerts to the server, also alerts the driver himself using an in-vehicle LED and buzzer alerts.

In  an accident event, eSafe logs 75 seconds – 50 before and 25 after the event – at 10 millisecond intervals to provide maximum data for post-accident analysis.


  • Encourage responsible driving by educating the driver based on actual logged events
  • Increase driver safety
  • Reduce vehicle maintenance and fleet operational costs