ERM Vision

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ERM vision is based on three layers forming a story: The DRIVER drives a VEHICLE on a ROAD. Each and every one of these three can impact the ride, whether it is a private, business or commercial trip.

It can also impact the fleet’s overall operational cost, based on driving habits, fuel consumption, vehicle malfunctions and accidents due to driver misuse of the vehicle.

These three combined factors are at the heart of ERM’s entire operation, which focuses on offering value-added solutions for the fleet management service provider as well as for the fleet and vehicle owner.

ERM’s vision, based on these three layers, form a holistic foundation for cost-effective and money-making fleet-related solutions.

The ERM Mission:

To deliver constant, measurable value to our customers and partners by offering innovative, unique and disruptive solutions based on the holistic VEHICLE, DRIVER and ROAD platform.

  • VEHICLE: To assist and offer solutions for vehicle-related monetary expenditure events
  • DRIVER: To assist and offer solutions for identifying potential monetary expenditure events in driving habits
  • ROAD: To assist and offer solutions for road related monetary expenditure events