ERM’s E-Call solution enables two-way communication with the driver in times of need such as in case of an accident, or simply to place phone calls to predefined destinations.

  • In case of an accident, the E-Call solution makes a direct voice call to a predefined phone number, such as a control room, allowing the controller to immediately talk and listen to the driver in the involved vehicle and provide immediate assistance.
  • In normal voice call situations, the E-Call solution offers a keypad for use in dialing up to five quick-dial numbers. For example: alarm, call office, call my boss, call my wife.

The solution supports the European E-Call standard.

A full solution kit includes:

  • StarLink Voice – voice enabled GSM/GPS tracking device
  • Hi quality in vehicle microphone
  • Speaker
  • 5 keys keypad for predefined phone numbers, in/out of work time, start/stop of task etc (optional)
  • eSafe – Driver Behavior and BlackBox