Fuel Monitoring & Theft Detection. Everybody uses fuel which makes fuel theft a tempting prospect, because it can be easily be sold or stolen for personal use. In addition, siphoning fuel from unguarded vehicles is relatively easy to do and not so easy to detect. Estimations indicate that more than 8 billion dollars worth of fuel was stolen in the USA in 2008 and, of course, the numbers are much higher in third world countries where security and surveillance are minimal.

Israel based ERM Advanced Telematics offers a unique solution for fuel monitoring that uses the StarLink technology – eFuelThe eFuel is a comprehensive, cost effective, highly accurate remote fuel tank level monitoring adapter that is easy to install, calibrate and use. And, best of all, it is the only fuel monitoring system that operates even when the vehicle is turned off!

eFuel Unique Innovations

Easy and Fast Installation

eFuel is a three-wire, simple to install device, installed on the data wire between the Anti Fuel Theft sensor and the fuel gauge.

Accurate Reading

The device offers accurate reading equals to and, in many cases, even better than displays on the vehicle’s fuel gauge!

Alert Fuel Theft

eFuel uses a special “pull up” mechanism that allows reading from the fuel float sensor when vehicle is turned off (or on). This way, fuel theft is alerted immediately, at any given time with the exact amount being stolen.

Report Refueling Events

Using its ability to measure fuel level also when vehicle is turned off (like during refueling) the eFuel will measure the exact refueling volume and report it.

Calibration Process – Fully Automatic

eFuel calibration is done automatically while the vehicle is in motion.


eFuel works with ERM’s StarLink family of telematics devices like the StarLink Tracker or StarLink SVR. eFuel’s real-time fuel tank monitoring data is transmitted via StarLink devices so you will be aware of fuel theft alerts and refueling indications including time and location of the vehicle anywhere you have an internet connection.

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