Anti Fuel Theft and Fleet Management Everybody uses fuel which makes fuel theft a tempting prospect, because it can be easily sold or stolen for personal use. In addition, siphoning fuel from unguarded vehicles is relatively easy to do and not so easy to detect. It has been estimated more than 8 billion dollars of fuel was stolen in the USA in 2008 and, of course, the numbers are much higher in third world countries where security and surveillance are minimal. Fleet Managers have several options to combat this crime:

  • Fuel sensor installed inside a fuel tank: This solution can sense the fuel type, level and monitor each liter comes in and out of the tank, and is the most comprehensive solution on the market today. The device, which comes with expensive safety regulations, is installed inside the fuel tank, by professional installer usually by drilling a new hole to insert it. This fuel management solution is expensive at least 200-300 USD per vehicle.
    • Pros: Comprehensive and accurate
    • Cons: Expensive, requires professional installer and expert maintenance
  • Fuel tank cap sensor replacements: These devices monitor of every liter of fuel that comes in and out of the fuel tank. Some include a remote alarm system, which makes it impossible to take fuel out from the tank throat without notification. It does not monitor tank level so often fuel is stolen through the fuel line undetected.
    • Pros: Easy to install, monitors in/out flow, optional alarm
    • Cons: Does not monitor level of tank, easily bypassed
  • Fuel float by a communication port (IO) from a GPS tracking device: This is the most common solution today on the market, thanks to the minimal cost. Even a low-end GPS tracking device can be connected directly to the fuel float using its analog input port. While this provides remote monitoring of the position of the fuel float, This solution is inaccurate due to the constant movement of the fuel and the float, during vehicle movement and no ability to control and have a steady reading. In any case, a minimal 10% to 30% deviation will normally be presented in this kind of solution.
    • Pros: cheap solution, no additional cost other than the GPS tracking device
    • Cons: Inaccurate and unstable
  • Fuel float adapter: This solution provides usually a more stable reading than the GPS-based solution above. The device is inexpensive but it displays a deviation of +- 10-15% which will detect the most common amount of fuel theft in the liter range but not a very small amounts. Additionally, installation and calibration is time consuming and cumbersome.
    • Pros: Inexpensive, Usually stable tank level readings
    • Cons: Inaccurate (+-10-15%), time consuming to install

The Biggest Con It is important to point out that all the solutions listed above only work when the vehicle ignition is turned on. None of them offer fuel level monitoring when the vehicle is turned off. Since most fuel theft occurred after hours when the vehicle is not being used, all the solutions listed above are basically ineffective.

The Real Solution – eFuel Israel based ERM Advanced Telematics, one of the top 10 GPS/GSM tracking devices and solutions manufacturers in the world today with more than 1.3 million vehicle tracking devices and anti-fuel theft devices, offers a unique fuel tank monitoring adapter: eFuel. The eFuel is a comprehensive, cost effective, highly accurate remote fuel tank level monitoring adapter that is easy to install, calibrate and use. And, best of all, it is the only anti-fuel theft system that works when the vehicle is turned off! eFuel Unique Innovations

Easy and Fast Installation

eFuel is a three-wire, simple to install device, installed on the data wire between the Anti Fuel Theft sensor and the fuel gauge.

Accurate Reading

The device offers accurate reading equals to and, in many cases, even better than displays on the vehicle’s fuel gauge!

Alert Fuel Theft

While all the other devices on the market alert Fuel Theft Alarm only when vehicle is started, eFuel uses a special “pull up” mechanism that allows reading from the fuel float sensor when vehicle is turned off (or on). This way, fuel theft is alerted immediately, at any given time with the exact amount being stolen.

Report Refueling

Events Using its ability to measure fuel also when vehicle is turned off (like during refueling) the eFuel will measure the exact refueling volume and report it.

Calibration Process – Fully Automatic

While most of the solutions on the market use “wet” calibration process i.e.: emptying fuel then refueling it several times, which, in best cases, takes a couple of hours to do, the eFuel calibration is done automatically while the vehicle is in motion. Complete Coverage: Fuel Tank Monitoring System Equipment, Vehicle Tracking and Security eFuel works with ERM’s StarLink family of telematics devices like the StarLink Tracker or StarLink SVR. eFuel’s real-time fuel tank monitoring data is transmitted via StarLink devices so you will be aware of fuel theft alerts and fuel filling indications including time and location of the vehicle anywhere you have an internet connection. In addition, StarLink vehicle tracking devices offer: (partial list)

  • Full support of all second-generation and third-generation cellular networks
  • High quality GPS with fast position acquisition
  • To enable connectivity of additional sensors or vehicle electric based parts like door opened/closed
  • To enable control over external operators like lights, immobilizer
  • To allow continuous operations when main vehicle battery is disconnected
  • Ability to program the max speed of the vehicle. Once the vehicle passes this speed an SMS alert is automatically sent from the device to a preferred number.
  • Ability to remotely immobilize the vehicle
  • Special support for panic button, sends immediate alert thru cellular communication