Fleet management operations frequently require driver identification and identification of the vehicle to be monitored.
Where only one driver can be assigned to a vehicle per trip, ERM’s Driver ID management solution enables the fleet manager to identify the individual driver through three types of driver identification modules:

  • Dallas iButton – a coin-sized chip with a unique ID,usually connected to the driver’s keychain. The Dallas Reader, typically installed on the vehicle dashboard, identifies the driver to the system.
  • KeyPad – With ERM’s KeyPad, each driver has his own unique digital password (1-5 digits). Upon entering the vehicle the driver punches in his password on the KeyPad.
  • tCoin – ERM’s tCoin is a two-way active RFID remote control. The tCoin enables the StarLink device to identify the driver so as to ensure authorized use of the vehicle. It uses one-way or two-way communication with the StarLink device, depending on the specific implementation and solution requirements.

All three modules can either be used simply to identify the driver to the system, or, upon performing the identification action (touching the iButton, entering the KeyPad code or placing the tCoin in range), the immobilizing unit disarms and the vehicle can be started.