Trailers often transport loads through inhospitable terrain and isolated routes. A schedule for a consignment that needs to be delivered on time for a crucial requirement can turn awry when contact is lost and when movements of the trailer are unknown. Some consignments are worth a lot if delivered on time, but worthless if delivered late. The consignor and the consignee would be under the impression that the movement of consignment is as per schedule. Inclement weather or technical breakdowns may jeopardise the movement. To be aware of the situation helps in arranging an alternative, or diverting the nearest trailer to execute the delivery. GPS Tracker for Trailers updates the concerned person regarding movements of the vehicle.

Feature intensive, utilitarian

Sturdy, all weather, reliable Trailer Tracking Device are available to provide easy solutions. Longer life batteries, all weather equipment, combination of GSM/CDMA and satellite tracking helps in optimising results. The routes followed by the drivers can be monitored, theft of the trailer can be prevented and unauthorised movement of the trailer can be checked thereby helping to improve safety while increasing productivity. Management of trailer fleets using technology greatly reduces fuel costs, rewarding the user with better margins.

Asset management, cost effectively

Trailer Tracking Device helps in monitoring assets and establishing a systematic workflow thereby reducing costs through effective streamlining of operations. Efficiency levels improve with planning. Reliable networks help in ensuring that at all given points of time atleast one network is available for transmission.

Streamed updates – display professionalism

A client request for location and estimated time of arrival can be answered professionally with precise location information and better prediction of estimated arrivals. Additionally, these GPS Tracker For Trailers are also configured to monitor the performance and maintenance of the vehicles.